Sometime ago, a family from a small Southern town traveled all the way across the United States and over the Pacific to a little island in the middle of the ocean. There, they found something that they weren't really looking for and didn't know they were missing...aloha. Aloha is not a tangible something, but more a feeling or way of being. It's acceptance, love, peace, gratitude and an eagerness to invite others into one's life and home.

Eventually, that family left that little island in the middle of the ocean and came back to a small Southern town. While they left a little piece of their hearts there, they managed to catch some aloha and bring it back. Boho Hale was created with a desire to share that aloha with others. Each and every package that leaves Boho Hale comes infused with aloha from our ohana to yours. 

So, come on in and stay awhile...just leave your slippas at the door.


The McLoons